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Make a difference by supporting businesses you LOVE!

Location Freedom. Income. Flexibility. 

Do you enjoy helping other people? Are you a bit of a creative or a tech geek? Don’t shy away from problem-solving and want to have financial and location freedom?

No matter where in your journey you are if you’re just figuring out the virtual assistant space or you already have some experience, I can reassure you, if you put time and energy to build skills and confidence, you soon you’ll be able to pick and choose while living your dream life!

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Digital marketing space is constantly changing, but one thing stays the same – people need help.

And this is where you come in, a confident and skilful marketing assistant who is always ready to learn new things!

This course came at just the perfect time for me. I had already started working as a VA for some time, doing some projects here and there for friends as well as having two regular clients. but lately, I had less and less work, was losing my motivation and wondering how I could get more clients and gain back confidence! The course made it clear to me: I need to niche down! It helped me understand that I am a visual type VA, where my strengths are, and to come up with an offer that is so much more clear – I now know exactly what type of businesses I want to have as clients and what skills I can offer them.

I like that Daiva gives a broad overview of the VA world and breaks down the most important things. And I love the emphasis on „just starting“, before getting lost in having everything perfectly in place 😉

I can confidently say: just go for it – it works!


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If you’re figuring out what services to offer as a marketing VA or have been working for a while and are looking into niching down – this quiz is a fun and quick way to see what services align most with your personality, natural gifts, and talents.



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Why Purpose Academy?

VA PURPOSE ACADEMY was born out of people’s desire to know where to start when wanting to become Virtual assistants. It’s a small but growing community of freedom seekers who are done with sacrificing their lives over work and desire for more.

I am celebrating us all for being brave to try new things and not settling for jobs that feel restricted and stagnant.



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