In the autumn of 2021 I woke up in Sorano, an ancient Etruscan city in Italy that dates back to the 3rd century BC. We arrived the night before, finding our way through the narrow, cobbled streets lit with beautiful lanterns to our tiny yet magical B&B. The flat, which has probably been lived in by generations of Italian families beforehand, now sits empty, waiting for ‘un ragazzo’ to return from the city race.

That morning while I was slowly waking up, my partner was already full of energy and excitement and planning our day. “Oh, and there are these ancient Etruscan caves. Let’s hike over there”, he said. In my still sleepy demeanour, I replied: “I just need to do some work. Give me an hour, and I’ll be with you”. I took my laptop and coffee outside, updated my client’s website with the new webinar copy we were launching soon and marked ”complete” on Asana, and voila.

“I’m ready!”, I shout while closing my laptop. (I can still recall that moment like I’m framing it in the picture inside my head.)
“Do you realize what you created? Within a year, you built the business that allows you to do this!”, he exclaimed, waving his hands enthusiastically around ancient houses leaning against the rocks and river valleys full of ice-cold waterfalls.


You should help others to do the same!”

He was right. Becoming a virtual marketing assistant has been a true game-changer for me. Location and time freedom while making a good buck and helping businesses you genuinely support is hard to resist. That’s why I created VA BOSS ACADEMY where I teach other people to become a Virual Marketing VA. 

And today, I share with you my top 10 reasons why you’d want to become a Virtual Marketing assistant (aka Marketing VA).

But before we dig into it, let’s clarify

A marketing virtual assistant is a remote freelance assistant who provides marketing support to a variety of businesses. It’s a very important and creative role because it supports, and accommodates business owners by taking the tasks off their shoulders that they don’t have time, skills or desire to do.

Or the way I like to put it:

It’s a multitasking ninja who can catch many balls in the air, organize them, add a creative fling and release them into digital space to help businesses create attraction.

If you’re still shaking your head with confusion, grab my FREE Ultimate Guide to Marketing VA services. You’ll be able to discover what services Marketing VAs can offer.

As we’re moving into 2023, it is a perfect time to give it a go, as the industry has gone through the roof! There are so many benefits to this job- have a look:

1. High demand

The world and businesses have moved online. With technology booming the demand for remote jobs had risen by 457% compared to one year earlier, and for marketing roles, the number of remote job listings increased by 177% according to Linkedin data.


2. Easy to launch

Becoming a marketing VA is not rocket science. Yes, you need skills, but we’re not studying to become doctors here. You build your skill set, choose your niche, register your business, and can quickly launch in less than 3 weeks if you put your mind and energy into it.

3. Location freedom & flexibility

This is a job that fits YOUR LIFESTYLE first. You have full permission to have freedom and flexibility. If you need a side job that can support you while you’re studying or want to spend more time with your family – this can work AROUND your other commitments. In short, work when you want and how you want.


4. An opportunity to grow

One of the biggest employee motivations is an opportunity to grow, and the marketing VA path will lead you to professional and personal growth.

By helping various clients with their marketing needs, you’ll be learning how to build and market yours. You’ll learn to use different systems, tools, and strategies that will make you an expert in your field!

💡 Tip: if this is a top motivator for you, stick to clients that will support you by enabling you to access resources and educational opportunities.


5. A chance to build long-term business relationships

Usually, a good client (unless you are package-based business) will stay for a long time. This will give you a chance to get to know their business inside out: their branding, goals, and systems, and build a deep working relationship.


6. Good industry rates

Going rates have recently risen from €30 to €35 per hour. Add some retainers and packages, and you will have a good monthly salary for yourself that will feed you and your family and allow you to put some money aside.


7. Start and end whenever is good for you

Because it’s easy to launch and you are your own boss – you can start whenever and quit whenever – you are not tied to any long-term commitment. Choose a notice period that works FOR YOU and add it to your contract.


8. A process of career and self discovery

Being a VMA can lead to opening your agency or finding a high-end marketing agency. You can also focus and deepen your knowledge in a particular industry or skill (like becoming a professional copywriter, website developer, performance analyst, or graphic designer).


9. Entering the world of business and enterpreneurship

The work of a virtual marketing assistant continues after providing services to your client. You are also running your own business – setting goals, doing your market research, marketing, and finances. All these skills open the door to a world of entrepreneurship that will undoubtedly benefit your future.


10. Complete permission to be yourself – you are the Boss!

You have the full autonomy of EVERYTHING: not only what industries you want to niche down to but also what people and personalities you want to work with. You can add your mix to the tea. Example: I am a marketing VA who is also an artist and climate activist. I am not losing other parts of myself but applying them to my VA work. Read more (finding your uniqueness). 

Hopefully, this list has been helpful, and if you feel encouraged to give it a go, check out my MARKETING VA KICKSTARTER – a short course that teaches you how to launch your marketing VA business fast so you can live the lifestyle you truly desire.

From one Marketing VA to another,
Daiva xx