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If a creative like me can pull this off and turn it into a successful business, I have full confidence in you…

My journey started in London, where I was living a super busy life as an actor and climate activist while juggling another three cash jobs on the side. My days were filled with a constant rush, long commuting hours, and just pure craziness. I was managing a life of a creative while being in the heart of one of the biggest global environmental movements in history. I do not regret a minute of it, and I will be telling stories to my grandkids from those times, but oh boy, that was crazy! I knew I needed a much more balanced lifestyle moving forward, and although I cared so much about what I was doing, that wasn’t enough. I was exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed. I needed to be closer to nature that I was so seriously trying to protect! And I wanted to feel free, rest, and see the world.

Then the pandemic hit. The whole world has stopped. Me included. It was a sign for me to take that leap of faith. I packed my things and was on my way to discovering the next chapter of my life: nature, silence, a river, and a community – my next dream!


”The dream has become a reality—mountains, hikes, volunteering at permaculture communities, beaches, and long drives to the sunset. Of course, having left my career in London, I needed to make money from where I was. Everyone does, and I was no exception.

So now, let’s backtrack a little bit. Remember those three side jobs I was doing while trying to save the world and have an acting carer? 🙈 Yeah, one of them was virtual assistance.

It started very slowly with me ”googling” jobs that can be done remotely. Probably even back then, I had a hunch that this might be useful one day! Before the pandemic, remote work wasn’t really a thing, or at least not so popular.

 I joined VA Facebook groups, participated in online marketing courses, bought the virtual assistant course, and cleaned the dust off my marketing degree, hoping it would still be relevant. I marketed the events for free and ran ads for 100 pounds a month 🙈 😂 for friends so that I can learn the skills. I made many mistakes and way too many favours but started discovering areas I was passionate about and what I was good at. 

Once I started living a proper nomadic life, I have picked virtual assistance full speed, and within a year and a half, I have built a well-paid business where I get to choose my hours, my clients, and even the things I want to do and I earn more than ever before! I have dedicated myself fully to this and am so grateful for the sweet fruits I am receiving.

I am now able to not only earn a good income and have location freedom and flexibility, I also have time to carry on my environmental work, deepen my studies, and continue my journey towards my purpose.


Oh, and all of this while travelling full time. This would NOT be possible without MVA as my anchor. My circles noticed what I was doing and started receiving many inquiries. This gave birth to VA BOSS ACADEMY, where I wish to share my experience and knowledge on everything related to Virtual Marketing Assistance. I wish everyone to find life & work balance and live in an authentic presence.

This is just my story which is still being written, but there are so many more ways MVA (aka Marketing Virtual Assistant) path can be walked. A marketing assistant job can be a very promising beginning to a multi-figure business or a supportive job on the side.
Whatever you choose, if you’re at the point in your life when you’re looking for flexibility and work/life balance, my Marketing VA Kickstarter might be just what you’re looking for. Oh, and if you find this course helpful, don’t hesitate to recommend it to your friend.

In the meantime, I give you my promise to serve you as best as I can and share more stories, experiences, and advice in my newsletter. 👇


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