Choosing what services you’ll be offering as a Virtual Assistant will be the most crucial decision for your business. 

You’re considering becoming a virtual marketing assistant. You’re browsing the internet, researching, and starting to feel excited watching other VAs gracefully balancing life and work while putting a good buck in their pocket. But then it hits you.

What services would I offer if I chose to become a VA?
What are my strength and talents?

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – choosing what services you’ll be offering as a Virtual Marketing VA will be the most crucial decision. If chosen right, the possibilities for success and fulfilment are limitless. However, if chosen poorly and without a deeper inquiry, it might lead you in the opposite direction.

To ensure the success of your Marketing Virtual Assistant business, take time to discover your unique offer. Start by asking yourself the following questions (you can now grab your pen and paper):

1. What is my experience?

Take a look back at your professional experience and education. Go down memory lane reviewing all the jobs you have done in the past. What experience have you built so far? What were the tasks you had to perform daily? Note them (even if they are unrelated to a digital space).

For example, you worked in customer service at events.

Tasks: welcoming the guests, working at the register, answering questions, taking care of the guest, arranging seating plans, and liaising with event participants.

Next, write down the experience you built outside the official employment. It can be volunteering at local community events, supporting your university club, etc. Do this exercise for each of the jobs you’ve done.

Identifying the tasks by reviewing your previous experience will shed light on your competance – you might be surprised by the length of the list!

 2. What are your skills?

For someone, their skill set may be clear as day, while for others, it might look like foggy clouds. If you’re on the latter side, review the experiences you noted in the previous question and write down the skills required to perform the tasks.

With our previous example: customer service role at the events.

Skills acquired: customer service, quick note-taking, problem-solving, and organization.

Then ask yourself: How can this be translated into a digital task?

Communication with clients:

  • Answering clients dm’s on socials.
  • Building a relationship with their clients.
  • Taking care of their needs by providing 1:1 support.
  • Building a digital community.

Organizational: organizing client’s content, documents, project managing lanches, etc. 

Minute taking – taking minutes in team meetings.

3. What is your personality type?What areas of work are you naturally drawn to? 

Your personality type won’t always match your skill set, but it might reveal more things about you than you think.

If you’re a person who’s genuinely good with numbers, you’ll be more likely to thrive in the world of data and analytics. And visa versa, if you notice and appreciate good design and visuals are your language, you will be more likely to enjoy doing creative, design or video content creation tasks.

I created a quick and fun quiz for you to learn more about yourself
“What kind of Marketing VA are you”?

Discover what services align most with your personality, natural gifts, and talents.

It’s so important to feel fulfilled when doing a job; if it’s aligned with your interests, you will be much more likely to grow your business and be able to pick and choose the work down the line.

4. In what area do you want to become an expert?

Now let’s aim our gaze towards the future. What do I desire for my path? What activity do I see myself doing every day that fulfils me? Is there an area of work in which I want to grow my expertise?

If you have something in mind, explore the possibilities for future growth (for example, website management might lead you to become a professional website designer).

P.s. If you’re struggling to know the most common services for Marketing VA, grab my Free Ultimate MVA Services list.

5. What does the world need? 

It’s so good to step into the area of self-inquiry, but let’s not forget that we live in a crazy big world with markets moving at the speed of light and technology changing faster than our poor minds and bodies can adjust (have you heard of chat GPT? Or all those other AI’s?)

Look at the world: your friends, your city, community. What do their business struggle with? What are their needs?

If you’re still with me – you’ll probably agree that serving others is one of the most gratifying things one can do for a fellow human, so explore the needs of the businesses around you. (You can start with your uncle Bob who just launched his t-shirt business).

Good marketing VA will have it all: experience, skills and expertise, and for you to get there, make sure to choose your services wisely. I hope these questions will help you uncover your true gifts and talents and lead you to freedom, flexibility and success.