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How to Become a Marketing VA & have a Lifestyle you truly Desire

Question for you…

What if you could launch your freelance Marketing Virtual Assistant business utilizing your current skills, find your first client, and get paid in less than a month?

Or let me rephrase that…

What if, in under a month, you can have a business where you are YOUR OWN BOSS, that gives you desired income while allowing you to do the tasks you enjoy and work when you want and wherever your want?

A job that would allow you to have a work-life balance (giving precious time to your family, travel, study, etc.) and have space to enjoy life to its fullest? 

Because life is too short to be stuck in the stuffy office from 9 to 5 doing something you don’t enjoy for someone, you don’t even personally know 🤷‍♀️

So if you’re still with me and would like to know one of the ways to achieve that..

Keep reading…

Here’s the problem

You know that in order to launch your Marketing VA business, you need to build your services, get everything in place, and find your first client.

However, you’re constantly second-guessing:

“I don’t know where to start.”

“What if I don’t succeed”?

“I don’t know if I’m not good/experienced enough”?

“How do I find clients”?

“How to try this out without getting overwhelmed?

Can you imagine…

Imagine having a flexible, location-free, fulfilling job that is also easy (aka. Not brain surgery) without needing to risk it all?

You’d wake up in the morning feeling rested and balanced, having time for YOU and your loved ones. Opening your laptop knowing you’ll be doing something you enjoy from the comfort of your home. You feel satisfied knowing you’ll help someone out today. Doing it at the time that works FOR YOU!

Working with people you admire and whose vision you support… You do your work, take breaks when you can (maybe you want to jump into that river, feed your baby or listen to a lecture), and come back to it when it is good FOR YOU. You don’t sacrifice things and people you love.


If you want to learn how to launch your freelance business as a Marketing VA. I have something for you…


Marketing VA kIckstarter


A short course that teaches you how to launch your marketing VA business fast so you can live the lifestyle you truly desire.

When you enroll today, you’ll get:

♦ Method how to discover your talents and how to apply them to create your services

♦  Step-by-step plan on how to launch your Marketing VA business

♦  Method and ways to find your first client

♦  Marketing assistant rates and ways of charging

♦  Client onboarding process 

♦  Course checklist to keep you on track

♦  Client search database

♦  3 Bonus training on most common marketing VA task

Oh, and did someone say BONUSES?

In addition to everything inside of Marketing VA Kickstarter, I’m also going to throw in 3 bonuses to give you a kickstart to launching your business.

Project management template & tutorial

To make your and your client’s lives easier

Resource on accountability

How to put you and yourself first in your business and stay accountable

time management method

A simple and powerful tool to help you get things done


Genuine and proven software that works!


An excel template if you prefer an old school invoicing


My favorite time tracker & how to work with it

This course came at just the perfect time for me. I had already started working as a VA for some time, doing some projects here and there for friends as well as having two regular clients. but lately, I had less and less work, was losing my motivation and wondering how I could get more clients and gain back confidence! The course made it clear to me: I need to niche down! It helped me understand that I am a visual type VA, where my strengths are, and to come up with an offer that is so much more clear – I now know exactly what type of businesses I want to have as clients and what skills I can offer them.

I like that Daiva gives a broad overview of the VA world and breaks down the most important things. And I love the emphasis on „just starting“, before getting lost in having everything perfectly in place 😉

I can confidently say: just go for it – it works!




Hey there, I’m your course creator – Daiva.

And I can’t wait to cheer you on your launch and your first client.

After working as Marketing VA for the last 5 years, I’ve discovered the exact ingredients you need to launch your Marketing VA business with no fuss. 

 I created this because I had too many people coming to me and asking how on earth did I do this and managed to work while traveling. 

I also wanted to show people that there is a way to work differently and that you don’t need to work 9-5 doing the jobs you hate.

Starting working as a marketing VA and launching your business is not difficult, and I can’t wait to show you exactly how to do it!

 It has been an absolute blast for me, and I really hope it’ll be for you too!



I don't know if this is for me. I'm only browsing....

Great! This course will help you build an understanding of Marketing VA. Only 1,5 hours of your life to reveal if this might be a good path for you? Common, we all know how much time we spend scrolling..

And if it’s a NO – great! The sooner you know what you DON’T want to do, the sooner you can find other ways to find your desired job. 


Do you guarantee I will find the client?

No, I do not guarantee you#l to be able to find a client – this is on you! However, I give you a step-by-step guide and system on how to do this with accountability and time management tips. This course is all about you being a boss and stepping up to create that lifestyle you desire. 

I've been working in the corporate world for a very long time and considering switching careers. Is this for me?

Absolutely! You can utilize your skills, and I’ll show you exactly how to do this. And you don’t have to quit your job straight away.

I am considering becoming a Marketing VA but don't have many skills yet. Can I learn some of the skills?

Yes and no. This course mainly provides you with a knowledge base about marketing VA and a roadmap on launching your business. I provide 3 bonus training on email marketing, social media, and website management, but this course is not focused on teaching you the skills. You will, however, have clarity about all the services you can provide using your current skills and talents. This will help you focus on those particular skills and go and get trained elsewhere or (learn while you work – highly recommend!). Marketing VA tasks, especially for beginners, are easy, so don’t get discouraged – take the course to see which area of services you are drawn to, and you’ll pick it up super quick!


I am not an English speaker. Do I need to be fluent to provide Marketing VA skills?

Absolutely not! You can provide many services as a marketing VA that don’t require strong language skills. Also, you can always look for clients from your country. The world is your oyster – try different locations, and mix it up to find what works best for you.

I am currently employed. Do I need to quit my job to become a Marketing VA?

No. It’s up to you what you can afford financially right now. If you don’t have savings and you’re not bashing your head against the wall in your current job – go slow. Take the course, get things in place and find your first client. . After some time, you’ll be able to replace your current job with your Marketing VA business. 

Is this really as good as it sounds?

Friend, if you want that location freedom and time flexibility – yes – that’s the jam.

Here’s what you get inside of
Marketing VA Kickstarter:

Build your offer – Start your business – Find your 1st clients in less than a month

  • Understand what Marketing Virtual assistant is and why to become one (so you can see if this is for you) 
  • What Services can you provide & how to Create your Unique Offer 
  • Access a step-by-step plan on how to launch your Marketing VA business 
  • Learn about my Fast-lane method and why it’s important 
  • How to Find your First Client in less than a month 
  • Understand marketing assistant rates and how to charge for your work. 
  • Get Tips on the onboarding process 
  • Access 3 Bonus training on the most common Marketing VA tasks 
  • AND MORE BONUSES of things you don’t know that you need!

Marketing VA Kickstarter is a program that combines the actionable roadmap of launching your business and finding your first client fast! 

It’s a short course (less than 3 Netflix series, friend!) of videos and step-by-step guidelines, so you can start taking action NOW!

It provides a unique method of not overthinking it so you can test it and, most importantly, get paid!

It’s coming from one marketing VA to another. 

The result: your brand new Marketing VA business and your first booked client! So you can start building your independence and have a lifestyle you truly desire

Are you ready to give building your Marketing VA business a go?




  • You are considering quitting your current job and are looking for other ways of working
  • You just had children, and the idea of leaving them behind when you go to the office kills you
  • You desire to travel or study and have a flexible job on the side

Personal characteristics:


  • You are Tech-savvy, have an interest (& some skills or understanding) of marketing, and desire a location and time freedom. 
  • You genuinely enjoy helping people & have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • You are a self-starter and always say: Let me find out” rather than ‘I don’t know.”
  • Someone who doesn’t settle for less