Which type do you resonate with the most?

No one’s putting you in a box, friend…

You are your own BOSS so you can do whatever YOU want and believe to be GOOD AT.

So read on, use the archetypes below but also PLAY with combinations so you can come up with your unique offering that no one will be able to resist.

You’re a Technical VA!

You’re a techie! You are naturally curious about technology and don’t shy away from trying new software. You are not afraid of technical challenges, enjoy setting up new systems and automations, and are always looking for new and improved ways to make your client’s lives easier.

People know they can trust you to figure out the technical issues. If you are not going to be able to solve the problem yourself, you will have enough patience and perseverance to escalate the matter to the support teams and report back to your client.

You appreciate good software and believe every business should invest in quality tools. You love trying new online platforms and studying functionalities in depth so you can make everyone’s life smooth and easy. You also have an eye for systems and how they interact and connect. You can advise business owners on various tools.


✔️ Setting up email marketing systems (automation, workflows, trigger links, automotive responding, customer segmentation).

✔️ Building sales funnels

✔️ Connecting domains, configuring DNS settings

✔️ Setting up system integrations, building checkout systems, website forms and pop-ups and so much more.


You are a Analytical VA!

You are analytic! You always trusted data and knew that numbers speak a thousand words. You understand that the key to optimizing ways to market products and services is to collect and analyze data.

You love creating reports, crafting graphs, and providing data. You can’t stand people making assumptions without looking at the evidence. You have an eye for details, tables, and formulas. The only way to know how to move forward is by measuring success!

Services you can offer:

✔️ Marketing data reporting (email marketing optimization),

✔️ Analytics (Google Analytics)

✔️ Paid advertising (ROI, KPI, CPC, etc.), SEO.



You are Relationships & Communications VA!


You love talking and connecting to customers. You see a person instead of ‘a lead’ and know how to reach them. You are naturally a very talented communicator, and the sales part comes easy too. When asked to follow up or ring potential clients, you feel comfortable and at ease. You have a gift for attracting new people to your path. You have a charm and are an excellent listener.


Services you can offer:


✔️Organic marketing (sending dm’s, email management, sending media pitches.)

✔️ Membership building, networking, marketing and sales calling.

✔️ You can also become ‘a setter’ (someone who warms up a lead from cold to warm using private messaging).


You are a Visual VA!

You have an artistic side and appreciate an original visual identity more than anything. You are naturally creative and love playing with colours, fonts, and layouts. You enjoy creating digital designs, pictures, or making /editing videos. You believe visual online presence is the key to brand recognition and loyalty.

Services you can offer:


  • Designing worksheets, posts, stories and reals for social media, lead magnets and other marketing materials.
  • You might enjoy designing websites with website builders (Divi, Squarespace, Elementor, Wix etc).
  •  Creating presentations
  • Also, you can help out the company with its branding processes and management (brand names, logos, slogans, contributing to maintaining visual identity).


You have a way with words and understand the power of a well-written copy.

Writing and reading have always been easy and enjoyable activities. You can’t stand seeing poor grammar, punctuation, or, god forbid, typos in professional business communications. You prioritize clear communication and well-presented information. You also believe in the power of the story above anything else.

Services you can offer:

✔️ Proofreading

✔️ Copywriting

✔️ Conversion copywriting

✔️ Content research, crafting media and promo pitches

✔️ Creating slogans, brand names


You are a Social Media Guru VA!


You are a natural trend spotter. You follow the hype and love to try new social apps and features. Tick-tock for you is old news, and you can tell everyone what’s trending now on Instagram.

You LOVE social media! You love the creative side, the promotional side, and all the possibilities it provides; you are very natural with it. You thrive on cracking the formula on how to get engagement and following. You understand what it takes to keep a successful social media presence, the importance of the content, and the best, innovative ways to share it.

You have an eye for design and visuals and pay attention to how the algorithms work. Your biggest nightmare is to see a business without or with poorly managed social media accounts. You either know or seek to gain in depth knowledge about one platform or have an excellent understanding of all social media platforms and know what is best to use based on a business.


Services you can offer:

✔️Social media management

✔️ Content management and creation (creating and designing posts, stories, reels, setting up lives etc.)

✔️ Social media content design, reporting, research and strategy.



One. Step. Closer.


Play! Write down which services resonate and start putting them together.

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